4 Ways To Prepare Your Hot Tub For The Summer Season

With the kids just out of school, it is time for hot tub summer season! Here are four things you should do to prepare your hot tub for all the use it is going to get this summer. #1 Drain Your Hot Tub Even if you keep your hot tub clean and with the right chemical balance all year, it is still a good idea to drain your tub before the summer starts. [Read More]

Creating A Backyard Entertainment Center

Do you love entertaining? Perhaps your home is the command center for neighborhood parties or you simply like having people over. In the warm months, your backyard should facilitate your entertainment. Indeed, you could host guests year-round with the right design elements. Use these ideas to create a backyard entertainment center that's ideal for your outdoor parties. Install Proper Paving If you're having a lot of guests over, a lawn isn't sufficient. [Read More]

How To Reduce High Chlorine Levels In Your Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub, then you obviously want the water to be sanitized properly. After all, the heated water in the spa is highly susceptible to bacterial and microbial activity. However, there are times that you may need to add a lot of chlorine, and this can make for a highly uncomfortable soak in the tub. If this is something you want to avoid, then follow the tips below. [Read More]

Children Want A Pool? 3 Ways To Make The Children's Pool Just As Enjoyable For Adults

If your children have been begging you to have an in ground pool installed in your backyard, but you and your spouse don't enjoy swimming or think you just aren't "pool people," then you may wonder just how you can get the most for your money by having a pool installed the entire family can enjoy. The truth is that whether you typically enjoy pools or not, you may decide that the small investment you made in it was well worth it when summer arrives, and you remember just how hard it is to cool off on those intensely hot days! [Read More]