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The Pool Repairs That May Be Needed This Summer

After opening your pool for the warmer weather, your equipment will frequently be running to keep the water clean. This can cause parts to wear and lead to issues when you want to be using your pool. Therefore, repairs are going to be needed to keep the water clean and clear. The following pool repairs are some of the issues you might have to deal with when equipment fails this summer:

Leaks That Cause Water Loss

If your pool is losing water, it may be due to several issues. The problems can be with the equipment or due to damaged pool surfacing. Some of the areas where your pool may need repairs due to leaks include:

  • Plumbing damage
  • Damaged pool surfacing
  • Leaking pumps and filters

It can be difficult to determine if the problem with water loss is due to damage or just evaporation. A pool repair service can help with testing to know what is causing the problem and what can be done to fix it.

Blocked Filters 

There are various issues that cause your filter to become blocked. The filters can become blocked by debris, or there may be some issues with damage that need to be repaired. Some of the issues that can cause the pool filter to become blocked include:

  • Debris caught in pool plumbing
  • Damaged turbine inside the pump
  • Problems with the traps and other equipment

No matter what is causing your pool filter to be blocked, you will want to have your equipment inspected for damage. Sometimes, the filtration system may need minor repairs to prevent problems with the equipment due to blockages.

Broken Pumps

The pumps are the components of your pool filtration system that are constantly running. They are also the most vulnerable pieces of equipment installed in your pool. Therefore, pumps are going to need to have some repairs done when you have problems with your pool equipment. Issues that can cause your pump to fail include:

  • Worn motor components
  • Damaged or blocked turbine
  • Buildup on pump components

The pump can be a problem when the water flow is reduced. This causes reductions in the filtering and problems with water quality. Therefore, you want to have your pump checked and repaired to ensure the water is being filtered effectively.

These are some of the issues you will have to deal with to keep the water clean and clear this summer. Contact a pool repair service if you need help when your equipment is not working properly.