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Opening Your Spa for the Season? The Spa Service Checklist the Pros Use

Your spa serves you well, and there is no doubt you will want to protect your investment for the long term. Properly servicing the spa at the beginning of every new year is a good way to do just that. You can reach out to a spa service professional when you are prepared to reopen your spa for the season. These qualified professionals will use their time and expertise to ensure that every aspect and component of your hot tub is ready to go and free of flaws. Here is a look at a general checklist the pros will use in the process. 

1. Cleaning and storing the cover you've used for your spa. 

If you normally keep your spa covered for the off-season and uncovered for the rest of the year, the spa service professional will remove any covers you've used and take the time to clean them with an antimicrobial and anti-moss solution. The cover will then be dried and stored in the location of your choosing. 

2. Examining the interior tub for signs of cracks, moss, or damage. 

The interior of the spa tub should be carefully examined with a discerning eye to look for any defects in the surface before it is filled with water for the season. If the professional spots anything wrong, such as small surface cracks or small chips, they will go ahead and repair those areas before filling the spa with water. 

3. The valves, filters, and pump will be examined and replaced as needed. 

The pump on the average spa is not that big, but it does still have a series of filters and valves that need to be checked and tested before reopening your hot tub for the season. The professional will examine the pump and all its components, as well as the jets inside the tank to make sure they do not have any issues that need to be attended to before fully refilling the tub. 

4. The exterior housing will be cleaned and protected. 

The exterior housing of the spa is often made out of wood, which means the material needs to be cleaned and protected for the season. The pool contractor will use a special cleaning solution to remove any debris, grime, or chemical buildup on the outer casing of the spa. They may then use a special polish or waxing solution to protect it from the elements for the year. 

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