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Four Signs That Your Pool May Be Ready For Resurfacing

If you're a homeowner with a pool, after enough time has gone by, you will begin to notice wear on its interior surface. Some of this can be addressed with minor repairs, but at some point, you will need to have the entire pool resurfaced. Also known as re-plastering, the following are a few signs that this pool maintenance needs to be done.

You begin to notice peeling

You may see thin sheets of plaster that are peeling from the top of the pool's surface. It is due to the pool water depositing calcium and is something that happens over time to every pool. When you first notice this, it is possible to make a few spot repairs by sanding the affected area, but once it begins to spread extensively, you will need to have the entire surface redone.

You begin to notice staining

Like peeling, swimming pools will begin to accumulate stains. This is due to the pool water creating calcium and copper deposits. When the stains are small and scattered, you can use an acid wash to clean them away, but this can only be done so many times. At some point, the acid will have eaten too far down, and the pool will need to be re-plastered.

You notice the bottom of your pool is very coarse

The interior of your pool, especially the bottom surface, will feel very rough. This, like peeling and staining, is due to the pool water. Sometimes it can be from an acid wash. If the surface is not too gritty, and there hasn't been a history of multiple acid washes, it may be possible to sand the surface and polish it. But this is only a short-term solution. At some point, you will need to re-plaster the bottom of your pool.

You have had repair work on cracks

The ground can shift for many reasons. Your home may be on a hill, or perhaps you live in an area with earthquakes. Vibrations, in general, can cause cracks. Some of these cracks can become quite large, and will need to be repaired by various techniques. After the repairs have been made, you will need to have your pool resurfaced, so it looks and functions as it should.

You should avoid any type of do-it-yourself painting. This is no substitute for resurfacing. Always call a pool professional that does both repairs and resurfacing because it may be that your pool can be fixed with sanding and polishing. But at some point, all pool surfaces need to be resurfaced. This is simply a part of pool ownership. When the time comes, you can get an estimate for the work from a pool maintenance company.