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Helpful Tips For Repairing Swimming Pool Enclosure Screens

If your swimming pool's screen enclosure has a screen that was damaged by your child, pet, or the weather, then you can easily replace it using these helpful tips:

Tip: Use the Right Tools for the Job

While replacing damaged screen material on your pool's enclosure is a simple process, it does require you use the right tools and materials. Swimming pool enclosures use square spline material instead of the round material used in residential window screens. For this reason, you need a spline roller that is designed to work with the square edge rather than a round one.

Tip: Hold the Replacement Screen Material in Place Using Strips of Duct Tape

Since holding the new screen material in place and putting in the spline material along the top edge at the same time is the hardest part of this project, you can make the job a lot easier by holding the replacement screen material in place using small strips of duct tape. 

Tip: Make Clean Corners by Using the Proper Technique

After you have the top and the bottom of the screen held in place with the spline material, then you need to finish the sides while making an effort to end up with clean-looking corners. The easiest way to do so is to:

  • pull out a few inches of the spline material on the top and bottom on the side you will be working on
  • install the spline material on the side
  • cut the corner spline materials so they line up perfectly at the corner
  • reinstall the top and bottom spline material

Using this technique allows you to seat the corner spline materials together and make professional corners.

Tip: Use a Utility Knife to Easily Trim Off Excess Screen Material

Though screen material is made of metal, it can easily be cut using the sharp blade of a utility knife. To ensure a straight cut and to prevent ragged edges around the spline, place the knife on the outside edge of the spline with the blade facing away from the spline material itself and then cut away the excess screen.

Tip: Have a Professional Repair for Screens Located Out of Your Reach

Finally, it is important to note that it is never safe to walk on the top of a screen swimming pool enclosure. The frame isn't strong enough to hold your weight and the risk of accidentally stepping on a screened area and falling through is way too high. For this reason, if your screen enclosure is damaged in an area you can't easily reach from the ground, then have it professionally repaired by a swimming pool contractor like those at Enclosure Rescue Inc.