Learning About Pool Construction

Want A Waterfall? Here's What You Need To Know

Waterfall features for custom swimming pools are lovely accents both visually and audibly; the soothing sounds of the water rushing over small ledges can help you relax quite a bit. If you're getting a custom pool and want a waterfall, you're making an excellent decision; just be aware of a few things so that you can take care of the waterfall and use it properly.

They Can Increase Evaporative Loss

The water flowing over the edge of the waterfall can evaporate a lot faster than that in the rest of your pool just because more water surface area is exposed to the air. That water is also rushing over the edge, rather than staying in one big mass in the pool. Keep checking the water levels in the pool and the reservoir for the waterfall to ensure that the water level doesn't get too low.

That could affect the waterfall's operation not only because there's less water, but because any dirt that's gotten into the system will be more concentrated and possibly clog parts of the machinery.

They Can Help Cool Down a Hot Pool

Waterfalls and other water features help circulate water in the pool, which helps cool it down. If it's a really hot day and the pool water feels warm -- that's not so refreshing when you're trying to cool off -- try turning on the waterfall and waiting for the water to circulate. You may notice a lowering of the temperature soon.

They Can Be Turned off to Save Energy

And just as waterfall features can be turned on, so too can they be turned off. You don't have to leave the waterfall running overnight or when you're not home. Save some energy and water by turning off the feature when you're done with the pool for the day.

They Are Not Toys

This may be obvious to you, but be sure to teach your children that the waterfall is not a toy. No one should be jumping off the ledges or trying to sit in the middle of the falls. Some waterfalls are designed to run between larger sections of the pool, and it's OK to be in the pool; the children just shouldn't sit on the ledge over which the water is running.

Your custom swimming pool can provide you with hours of relaxing fun. Add the features you want so that your pool's final design is straight out of your dreams. Contact a company, like DESJOYAUX POOLS, for more help.