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What Do I Need To Keep My Spa Healthy?

A spa tub in the home can be a great investment for relieving stress. But it must be kept clean and healthy in order for it to benefit you. Here are some of the things you will need to keep your spa tub healthy. 

The Right Chemicals

The water in a spa tub has a delicate mix of chemicals designed to prevent bacteria growth. The right pH will not be conducive to bacteria that enter the pool from various people or debris that falls into the pool. Without it, the water in the spa tub can be toxic to your skin and your digestive tract, should any splash into your mouth. A pH-balanced solution contains multiple chemicals that bring the pool back to the right pH zone. Bromine tablets and demineralizers can also be helpful, as can a spa shock system. 

Test the Status of the Spa 

You will need, at the least, chemical test strips and a thermometer to ensure the pool is at the right pH and temperature for optimal health. Checking on a weekly basis is ideal. 

Cleaning Tools

To clean the surface, you can use what's called scum balls to gently scrub the tub. Replacement water filters are also important. A spray cleaner will help to lift scum off of the pool, making it easier for you to clean. 

Tub Cover

When the tub is not in use, you will want a thermal cover that keeps anything from falling into the tub. The thermal nature of the cover will conserve some heat in the tub, making it quicker to reheat to the proper temperature at the next use. 

Spa Service

If you don't want to spend time checking on your spa, schedule a spa service to do the critical cleaning and maintenance tasks. They will check chemical levels and adjust as needed. They will clean out debris that's floating or caked to the walls. They can fix temperature controls if they test the water and find the temperature is not calibrated correctly. They can also look for leaks or cracks at the base of the spa tub, which are important to fix because they could lead to a lot of water loss. 


Optionally, if you are using the tub for stress relief, aromatherapy can be helpful. Try some grapefruit, lemongrass, frankincense, lavender, or other essential oil scents for their uplifting or calming properties. 

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