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4 Ways To Prepare Your Hot Tub For The Summer Season

With the kids just out of school, it is time for hot tub summer season! Here are four things you should do to prepare your hot tub for all the use it is going to get this summer.

#1 Drain Your Hot Tub

Even if you keep your hot tub clean and with the right chemical balance all year, it is still a good idea to drain your tub before the summer starts. You should drain all of the water in your tub and put in new water every couple of months, regardless of how much you use your tub.

#2 Clean The Inside

Once you have drained the water, you'll find it much easier to clean your hot tub. You are going to want to use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the inner and outer shell of your hot tub. As you clean, be sure to wipe down all the pipes, filters, pumps, and valves that you encounter. To ensure that your tub looks great all summer long, you are going to want to apply a polish to the tub. A polish will help prevent your tub from getting damaged by the summer sun.

#3 Get An Inspection

While your tub is not full of water is a great time to get it inspected. A hot tub inspector will be able to more easily check all of your pumps, pipes, filters, valves and jets, and ensure that they are working properly. It will also be easier for them to replace and repair any damaged equipment as well.

Also, make sure that the technician inspects all of the control panels of the hot tub as well. You may need to have the inspector come back when the hot tub is full as well to ensure that everything works properly, especially if they need to make repairs.

#4 Fill Hot Tub Up

Next, it is time to fill your hot tub up with water. You may want to do it during a time when you are not using lots of water in other parts of your home. For example, a time of day when you are not taking showers, running the dishwasher, or washing clothes. You can also have water delivered to your house just to fill up your hot tub if you feel like filling up the hot tub is too much of a stress on your water system.

#5 Test Your Chemical Balance

Finally, once you have water in your hot tub and add chemicals, make sure that you have the balance right. You can do this by using testing strips to ensure that the chemicals you added to your hot tub are at a health rate and at the right balance.

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