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Creating A Backyard Entertainment Center

Do you love entertaining? Perhaps your home is the command center for neighborhood parties or you simply like having people over. In the warm months, your backyard should facilitate your entertainment. Indeed, you could host guests year-round with the right design elements. Use these ideas to create a backyard entertainment center that's ideal for your outdoor parties.

Install Proper Paving

If you're having a lot of guests over, a lawn isn't sufficient. The foundation of your backyard entertainment center will be the paving. Naturally, you should start with a patio. However, include adequate pathways to destination areas, such as a spa and fire pit. Likewise, consider making said walkways wide enough to accommodate seating. You could even use a wide pathway to create a little niche with a bench placed in a bend. Additionally, if possible, connect the paving to your garage for roll-out features, such as a bar.

Include a Spa

The party starts when you uncap the spa. A hot tub is ideal for year-round entertainment. You can enjoy the tub literally when it's snowing. You have numerous design options. A prefabricated, above-ground hot tub is perhaps the simplest one to add. The most involved installation is a custom, in-ground spa. In between these two options are a custom, above-ground hot tub and a fiberglass, in-ground spa. Whichever style you choose, plan for a lot of seating around the spa. Not only does this make dressing easier, but it facilitates interaction between people soaking and not soaking.

Add a Fire Pit

Another way to host cold-weather or just evening parties is with a fire pit. Fire pits also provide another congregation area. If your backyard is large enough, locate the pit in a separate corner with a walkway leading up to it. Surround this pit with seating and some landscaping for privacy. Otherwise, you can have a roll-out fire pit for your patio or widening in the pathway.

Plant for Shade

On the other end of the spectrum, you want to be able to entertain during sunny days as well. For this you need to landscape for shade. Naturally, any ornamental tree will do. However, you can also create shady spaces with an arbor and climbing plants.

Concerning your spa area, you need to be careful in the plants you choose so they don't dirty the water. As the Landscaping Network points out, such plants shouldn't drop seeds or leaves but should offer lush foliage. The site recommends plants such as queen palm, bamboo and golden euonymus as shade plants.

Make your backyard entertainment central with paving, a designated spa area, a fire pit, and attractive landscaping.