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Children Want A Pool? 3 Ways To Make The Children's Pool Just As Enjoyable For Adults

If your children have been begging you to have an in ground pool installed in your backyard, but you and your spouse don't enjoy swimming or think you just aren't "pool people," then you may wonder just how you can get the most for your money by having a pool installed the entire family can enjoy. The truth is that whether you typically enjoy pools or not, you may decide that the small investment you made in it was well worth it when summer arrives, and you remember just how hard it is to cool off on those intensely hot days! However, don't worry that your pool will just be "for the kids" on those milder summer days, because when you follow these three tips, you and/or your spouse will love your pool just as much as the children do. 

1. Add a Relaxing Waterfall to Enjoy After Stressful Days at Work

There is a reason why many "white noise" machines and DVDs and MP3s designed to use during meditation sessions feature sounds of waterfalls—the sound of a waterfall is very relaxing! A study performed by psychology researchers even revealed that after simply being shown a video of a relaxing waterfall, cancer patients who were suffering from chronic pain experienced a huge, 20-30 percent reduction in the level of stress hormones in their bodies, including cortisol and epinephrine. 

Even if you don't want to put on your swimsuit and jump in your pool during a long busy day, simply turning on a waterfall feature you have installed with your swimming pool and relaxing near it in the back yard for a few minutes can help you feel much calmer and relieve that anxiety and stress you suffer after a long day of work. 

While they vary greatly in design, most pool waterfall features are actually very easy for a pool contractor to install and relatively affordable. They don't require additional water to operate other than the water that is already present in your pool; their piping simply pulls water from your pool and, once the water flows over the waterfall, it goes right back into your pool. 

Pool waterfalls also add great visual appeal to pools, and when you throw those backyard barbecues, don't be surprised if you receive compliments on how great your pool looks with its beautiful waterfall feature. 

2. Play with Pool Aromatherapy Scents for a Spa Experience Every Time You Enter Your Back Yard

If you love aromatherapy, then you have likely wished there was a way to bring it into your backyard to help you unwind after a long day or feel more energized while tending to the garden. After you have an in-ground pool installed, your pool can be your aromatherapy playground. There are many pool aromatherapy products on the market today, and they are designed to be 100-percent pool safe, so they won't alter the pH of your pool or clog the filters. 

Along with classic aromatherapy scents, such as relaxing lavender and uplifting bergamot, there are also fun pool scents you can add to your pool, such as watermelon. Just remember to never pour aromatherapy essential oils in your pool or any other aromatherapy products not specifically designed for pool use. 

3. Consider a Pool Automation System To Keep Pool Maintenance Simple

Even if you now realize you may enjoy that new pool more than you expected, you may worry that caring for it will be too much of a burden and take up time you just don't have in your jam-packed schedule. It is true that pools need to be maintained properly to keep the water in proper condition and sanitary. However, maintaining a pool today is much easier than it was just a few years ago due to the new technology that is making everything in life easier.

Today, you can hook your pool pump up to your home automation system, so you can program it to turn off and on without you having to even think about it daily. Automated pool cleaning systems can keep your pool clean without you having to lift a finger to clean it, and there are even systems that monitor your pool's alkalinity and automatically add any chemicals needed to adjust it when needed. 

If your children would love a pool, yet you are not sure if you will enjoy it and/or it will just be too difficult for you to maintain with your busy schedule, then consider these three tips for making your pool just as fun for the adults in your household as it is for the children.