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7 Must Haves For A Super Cool Pool This Summer

This summer, make your pool the coolest on the block by doing something unexpectedly different and totally exciting. These stellar ideas will double the fun factor this summer, and everyone you know will want to hang out at your house!

1. A Rock Climbing Wall

Forget the slide! Slides are fun, but rock climbing walls are where it's at. Order a special rock climbing wall that attaches firmly to the side of your pool and is made from materials that will be easy to grasp and hold onto when wet. And when you get to the top? Geronimo!

2. Floating Pool Lights

Who doesn't love a night swim? Take it to the next level by adding floating pool lights that glimmer and glow. There are a variety of different styles to suit your personal tastes. Go elegant with lotus flower shaped floating pool lights, or make it fun colored glowing orbs that add an ethereal quality to your pool.

3. A Tree Swing

Do you have a tree near your pool? Put up your own DIY tree swing to add another level of excitement to the area. Craft a simple rope swing, or get creative and make one from an old rocking chair or even a skateboard. Although the tree swing doesn't have to be close enough to your pool to allow people to swing and jump into the pool, if it is, extra bonus points for you.

4. A Foot Washing Station

This must-have is more about practicality than fun, but it will save you a lot of time. When kids run around the yard and get in and out of the pool (like kids usually do), they can track grass, mud, and leaves into the water. Instead, create a foot washing station with a few 4x4 wood pieces, a wood pallet, or a salt block pan filled with attractive river rocks. Keep the hose nearby and have the kids spray their feet off on the station before they enter the pool -- and the house!

5. Solar Pool Warmers

Even in the middle of summer, there are a few days where the pool gets cold, like after a rain or when a cold front comes through. However, you don't have to wait a few days for the pool to warm back up if you have solar pool warmers. Keep them in your pool and they'll absorb the sun's rays, even on a cooler day, and will heat the pool to a comfortable temperature. You can use as many or as few as you like.

6. A Pool Organizer

Craft a pool organizer by connecting a few wooden pallets, staining or painting them your preferred color, mounting them to a fence or the side of your home and adding coat hooks to the front! Towels, swimsuits, and buckets of small pool toys can be hung on the organizer, making everything easy to find and keeping your space clean and organized.

7. Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Dress up your pool area and keep unwanted pests away by planting greenery that is well known to keep mosquitoes at bay. Plants like marigolds, lemon thyme, basil, pennyroyal, and geraniums look great when planted in large terra cotta pots around the pool and smell nice too!

Your pool can be a way to express your personality and creativity in the summer. Get busy with some DIY projects now, and consult a swimming pool service to learn the best way to do bigger projects like rock climbing walls. Come summer, you'll love your new pool and getting you back inside might be a challenge!