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Pool Cleanliness: Keeping Debris And Annoyances Away For Good

Dreaming of installing an above ground pool kit on your property? You probably envision summers filled with splashing, pool parties, and cool fun with your family and friends. But while you are stewing over exactly where to place that new pool, think about what else is going to be playing in your pool water. Leaves, birds and other wildlife will be just as attracted to the cool blue waves. Have a look at how to plan your pool site to keep unwanted guests away from your pool.

It's All About Location

Where you place your pool is going to affect what ends up in the water alongside your happy swim guests. Those lovely trees framing the perfect blue sky above your pool and gently shading your visitors are going to join in the fun. Leaves, twigs, blossoms, fruit – gravity rules your pool party. Unless you want to skim out leaves and plant debris every day, don't set up your pool beneath a bunch of trees. Here are some of the worst offenders and why:

  • Sweet gum has round seed pods covered in spikes that drop all year—not fun to step on.
  • Cottonwood provides mounds of delightful fluffy seed cotton just in time for your first pool party of the year.
  • Any flowering/fruiting tree drops blossoms and immature fruit all spring and summer, and larger fruit until winter.

The Big Draw

And speaking of flowering and fruiting trees, what you cultivate in your yard in the immediate vicinity of your new pool may entice insects, birds and other animals to stop by your pool party. Honey bees love flowering herbs, berries, native wildflowers, and most flowering vegetables and fruits.  While bees are just doing their job, it is no fun trying to enjoy your pool while large numbers of bees and other insects are flying about.

If you decide to still have fruit or berry plants anywhere in your yard, even far away from your pool, be prepared for what inevitably follows.  Bird flocks searching for food will ultimately scatter their mess no matter how big your yard is. The last thing you want floating in your pool is a crop of half-digested grapes.

Finally, take notice of and move anything around your yard that might create problems – garbage cans and compost piles lure flies and other pests with their odors. Even a friendly fire pit releases tiny bits of ash and soot into the air which swirl into your pool.

Fence It Off Or Cover It Up

Installing a fence around your pool area is a good idea if you are worried about safety and small children. It can also be a great deterrent for ducks, deer, and other wildlife that cannot climb. Some animals just want to check out your pool and sneak a sip, but others might decide to make a visit to your yard a part of their annual tradition and poop in your pool—or worse, fall in and drown. This is when you will be grateful for your protective fence. Make sure the fence is high enough and has no large spaces between slats so animals can't squeeze through or jump over.

If you have taken steps to place your pool in an area away from wildly shedding trees, intoxicating flowers, garbage cans and bird feeders and you are still annoyed by what floats in or drops by, consider investing in a pool cover. A strong, quality pool cover will lessen the amount of cleaning you have to engage in each time you swim. It also keeps animals out of the water overnight, as well as protects small children from falling in if no one is around.

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